Nokia Lumia 920: Despite Great Features Can It Save Nokia?

Can the new Lumia 920 be the big savior for Nokia? The CEO, Stephen Elop hopes that the new Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 will bring back Nokia into the smart phone race. The new Lumia and its new operating system are likely to change the fate of Nokia, but that’s quite the company feels; after all, will that happen in reality?

Microsoft has recently released the new Windows 8 Phone with fresh Metro-style interface and new features. However, the firmware will get HTC 8X signature, not the Nokia Phone, unfortunately. You can also see the new features and Metro styled interface on Samsung ATIV S, HTC’s Windows Phone 8S, and other Huawei models besides new Lumia phones. Even Windows Phone market will remain as challenging in the smart phone market.

Besides the Android phones and Apple iPhone, Nokia will offer handsets with Windows 8. The vital question will be whether company can endure the fight or not. Analysts think that it is the last chance for Nokia to stick to the market. After the crash of new Windows 7 Phone, the company is completely relying on the new 920 and Lumia 820; if they fail, the company doesn’t have any space to stand still in the smartphone field.

First Lumia Series- Windows Phone 7

Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer and Stephen Elop announced that their initial decision to work together started in Feb 2011. As per the deal, Nokia was struggling in a huge crisis with their Symbian phones and they decided to replace Symbian phones with new Windows phones. The company will produce hardware for tablet as well as smartphones with Microsoft mobile platform.

It almost took 8 months for Nokia to turn up with new Windows phone. Initially, they introduced Lumia 800, followed by Lumia 900, and other low end models like 710 and 610. However, the result is a huge disaster. The company later announced that the new Windows 7 handsets cannot be upgraded to Windows 8. Sales of Lumia slumped from 4 million to 2.9 million in the second quarter of 2012.

Retailers withdrew promotion and marketing and no one showed interest in selling the device to customers.

Future of Nokia
It is needless to say that 1st Lumia series is completely failure model and affected the company to a big extent. Stocks of the company kept declining consistently. The company also lost influence due to incursion of Samsung and their success in Android department. Samsung is number one in the feature phone and smart phone genres.

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