Philips’ New ‘Hue’ Smart LED Lightbulb

Philips keeps on disrupting the automation home market, and today it is launching the new “Hue” lightbulb, which will be available in Apple stores around the globe from 30th October.

It has become the first company to initiate a web-enabled LED lightbulb, which is capable of interacting with tablets and smartphones to automate lighting using integrated wireless technology.

It can be connected to broadband network and it also lets iPhone users to change the brightness and color with an app.  It provides an easy way for users to make it appear like someone is inside the home when they are out and to adjust lighting patterns. Philips also looks to violate the LIFX Kickstarter project that has already set up a $1.3 million to release a similar lighting product.

The new ‘Hue’ lightbulb starter pack includes three bulbs and broadband connection kit. It also includes a bridge that helps to connect the bulbs with each other and to your wireless router by using the standard open ZigBee Light Link. Other products can also be integrated with them. The ‘Hue’ lightbulb costs 179 pounds and just consumes 20 percent of the energy used by conventional bulbs.

Users can turn the lightbulb on or off or change the brightness of the lightbulb from anywhere, when they are out of home.

It just takes few minutes for the bulbs to link with the tablet and smartphone apps. Users can change their program times, lighting settings, and make use of ‘LightRecipes’, which changes the mood of the room or house at a specific time and also balances the body’s biological reaction to light.

The company says that users can create any colour or adjust tints of white light. The bulbs will be sold exclusively in all Apple stores. Users can instantly recreate “scenes” by saving the settings.

Philips claims that the four pre-programmed settings based on Philips and LightRecipes, feature scenarios that changes bulbs to the optimum brightness and shades of white light to make you concentrate, relax or energise.

The launch of the new ‘Hue’ lightbulb will be a huge blow for LIFX, which will offer the same features. It has already reached its financial goal, but it will reach the customers by March 2013. But, Philips will launch its new smart lightbulb with Apple on 30 October.

Philips Hue will support around 50 bulbs, integrates with Android and iOS devices and lasts for more than 15,000 burning hours or 15 years. It will cost $199, with extra bulbs costing $59.

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